Baby Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas

It can be so hard to choose a baby naming gift.  What do you get a baby that has everything?  They have blankets and clothes and soft toys galore.  Nappies and nipple cream are incredibly practical and probably gratefully received by mum, but as gifts go, they probably won’t have the lasting impact you’re looking for.   Most people want to give a child a gift that will serve as a keepsake and reminder of the love and goodwill of their friends and family.

A gift of cash is generous and very practical as it can be built up during their childhood into something significant later on such as a deposit for a home or a first car.  This is great if you don’t mind that they probably won’t remember that you chipped in.


In Scotland the gift of a Quaich is very traditional, particularly for a little boy.  A Quaich is a Scottish symbol of love and friendship in the hope that he will always be surrounded by people with whom he can love and laugh.  There are many different designs ranging from very traditional Celtic artwork through to more contemporary nursery designs.


Jewellery is a very traditional gift for a little girl from bracelets and lockets through to her first pair of pearl studs.  The joy of jewellery is the scope; you have all sorts of styles and price brackets to choose from and she will always know the gift was from you and it was chosen with love and care.  You can keep your choice as classic as you like or try to pick something meaningful between you.  How lovely to write her a little note that she can read when she is older to accompany your gift.   For example, Celtic knotwork in a piece of jewellery can serve as a beautiful reminder that the love of family is endless and eternal.


Here at Lemon Drop, we love to gift children with little silver dolphin charms.  For millennia dolphins have been associated with luck.  A ship accompanied by dolphins was sure to find safe harbour, fair weather and following seas.  Ancient mariners believed that if lost, a dolphin would always bring you home safe.  All parents wish their children safe passage through life and hope that however big their children get, their beloved babies will always find their way home.


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