Naming Ceremonies

A baby naming ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a traditional christening. The love for a baby is one of the most special, selfless, unconditional and universal loves which binds us all. A naming ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your little ones safe arrival and formally bestow upon them the gift of their name. It is an opportunity to introduce them to their friends and family; all the people who will love them, guide them, support them and mentor them.

A lovely way to celebrate is for parents, grandparents or mentors to make promises to the baby which they will honour throughout their lives. You can write your own or I can help you honour your feelings for your child by writing verses or poems especially for you. I have two very little children that I will love until the stars go out so a naming is a celebration very close to my heart.

We can include whatever you would like, including the giving of gifts, honouring the child’s heritage, planting a tree, conduct a ribbon ceremony or get your guests to create a time capsule for your child to enjoy in years to come! My baby daughter is a sassy little force of nature so her special day was commemorated by the creation of a cocktail; The Illona-Rose. I will enjoy this on her behalf until she is old enough to celebrate herself.

If you would like to create a special piece of artwork for your home to commemorate the day, we can incorporate elements of the ceremony, such as a special poem, into a picture or mount it together with a hand or foot casting. There are all sorts of beautiful ways to remember your child’s special day. They are babies for such a short while. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss.

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