Wedding Dance Part 2: The Dance Doctor

When it comes to overcoming those wedding dance nerves, sometimes all you need a little bit of magic from a Fairy Godmother…. and Voila! The Dance Doctor.

Joo-Lee aka The Dance Doctor is here to help.  Joo-Lee is based in Durham but she also teaches in Newcastle, as well as providing virtual tutorials to help you get going if you don’t have the time to take a regular class.  If you are happy to travel to Durham, Joo-Lee also offers 2- hour private lessons and she guarantees that by the end of the session you’ll leave with a viable wedding dance, provided that you’ve picked a piece of music that you love and know well.  Fairy Godmother?  Told you so.

The ethos of these lessons is to help you connect with one another and see the wedding dance as an expression of your love and commitment for one another.  You really don’t have to try and become Fred and Ginger overnight.  Honest.  If you can learn to focus on one another rather than trying to ‘perform’ for an ‘audience’, and do it with confidence, then you will miss many of the pitfalls of the public first dance. Sigh of relief? Indeed.

Joo-Lee is an experienced teacher used to teaching adults who have never danced a step.  She is so kind, supportive and encouraging.  If you need a little bit of help and confidence, she is absolutely second to none.

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