Why use a Celebrant?

Why use a celebrant rather than the registrar at the Registry Office to perform your wedding?  Registrars work from a script; they must use certain forms of words to marry you and make your union legal.  When you use a celebrant, usually the legal aspect will already be completed and your wedding ceremony is free from any restraints.  That way the nature and content of your wedding celebration is entirely up to you.

Similarly with a naming ceremony, everything about the ceremony is unique and special to you, your baby and your family.  There are some people for whom a religious Christening is important and absolutely appropriate.  Many other families just aren’t aware that there is an alternative way to mark a baby’s safe arrival.  By using a celebrant your ceremony can be a bespoke joyous occasion to celebrate your child and introduce them to your family and friends in a way that reflects your values, your style and what matters to you.

As a celebrant, I hope that I put your heart into words.  I hope that I can pour all your love and hopes and dreams into your ceremony to make your day special.  Because it is your ceremony; nobody else will ever have the same as you.  I don’t work from a script or alter a template.  We work together to craft you something beautiful and meaningful to you that you can treasure forever.  You can choose readings and poems, you can write your own wedding vows or promises to your baby, or I can pen something just for you.  Because your wedding venue doesn’t have to be registered, you can choose to have your ceremony anywhere that takes your fancy.  You can have a beautiful traditional wedding in a castle or a quirky naming ceremony in a tree house.  So long as it’s somewhere special to you.

As a celebrant I am happy to help you celebrate all sorts of significant life events.  I can help you make an anniversary or birthday extra special.  I can assist with toastmastering duties such as a witty speech to make your guests smile or perform the ‘Address to a Haggis’ on Burns Night to lend a bit of Scottish flavour.  I also offer a scriptwriting service; I am more than happy to write you a ceremony and then coach your loved one to deliver it to the best of their ability.   If you think I might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why am I a celebrant? I do it because I love it.  I love to see people happy and what is more joyous than helping you celebrate the best days of your lives.

The photograph is from the wedding of Lizzie and Gordon Wake, pictures by David Webb Photography, with kind permission from the Bride and Groom.  It was a pleasure and an honour to speak at the reception of Lizzie and Gordon to amuse and entertain their guests on such a special and beautiful day.

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